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Is Tennis A Good Workout?


Normally, tennis is a very good workout. We have an expression that goes “Work out away from the court to get in shape to play tennis, rather than just playing tennis to get into shape.” You can injure yourself if all you do is play tennis and don’t prepare for it.

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Play tennis because you enjoy running around and hitting the ball, playing sets or matches and the thrill of competition with other players of your skill level. Sometimes have a little fun with learning to catch the ball on your strings or learning to hit the ball behind your back. Very cool 🙂

If your skill level is low and the level of skill of the person you’re hitting with is also low, then you may not be getting the long rallies yet that give us such a fabulous workout. Stay with it and work on your game until you can keep the ball in play regularly for 10 and 20-shot rallies.

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Long rallies are much more interesting and fun 🙂 You can do cooperative drills where the goal is simply to have the longest rally possible, and then BEAT the record with the next rally you have. These can be done from the baseline, service line [short court], keeping the ball up in the air at the net, even overhead-lob rallies can be used for consistency.

In general, run after every ball, regardless of whether it’s in or out, keeping the ball in play. In addition, run to every ball that comes over the net to you on ONE bounce. Never let the ball bounce a second time! These two concepts *alone* will give you a much better workout, and you’ll become a stronger player to boot. Other players may imitate your enthusiasm, work ethic, etc.

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If you’re absolutely certain you *don’t* really like running around and hitting the ball and playing sets or complete matches, there are other forms of exercise you can do:
elliptical machines
rock climbing
working out at a gym
aerobics classes
mountain hikes

Sportsmanship might not be #1, but it’s way ahead of whatever is in 2nd place 🙂

Best of luck, hope you have some fun with it as you struggle to become the best player you can be 🙂