What Are The Basics To The Game?

The Basics


We (our organization) plays tennis in order to raise money for wounded veterans who have been disharged and are currently living without a home. We do this because we’ve noticed the amount of neglect society has shown to these heroes. So we decided to change things and make a difference, but in order to make this difference within our charity it’s important you know the basics.

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In tennis you have to learn to control your emotions first off. If you don’t have a mental game, you dont have a game. You arent going to win every point, but if you can beat their brain, and stay cool in a match, you’ll have a good shot at winning the match.

Tennis kids at my school (I’m one of them) are not considered “strong or fit” but what non tennis players dont understand is that tennis….is hard….and when football players, or soccer guys try to play they find out that its very hard and they look stupid.

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I’d say we tennis players are more on the classy/preppy side. only because not many people understand how hard the game is and so we stick together and have good team unity. What are the best ways to master your tennis technique?